Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

J2SE also well-known as Core Java, this is the basic and standard version of Java. It consists of a large API’s as well as many particular purpose APIs. It’s the purest appearance of Java. J2SE is used to create Desktop applications. In addition, it consists all the basics Java language like Class, Method, Object, String, Constructor, Static, Variables, Operators, Data types, Arrays, Streams, String Buffer and much more. This edition to JVM, the heart of Java development.

Here you will be learning complete J2SE. To begin learning and Coding we need to segregate this into different section.

Java Features We can see new features added in every java release. Here you can see the list of Java common Features and latest Version Features. 

Java Setup & Installation- We will be learning how to install Java in Windows & IOS Operating System step by step.

Language Fundamental-We will be learning Java Language Fundamentals like Keywords, Operators, History & some basic Coding practise.

Object Oriented Programming System-We will be leaning complete OOPS here. OOPS is a paradigm which provides many concepts like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction etc .

Interface-We will be learning about Java Interface. Java interface is like a class, except a Java interface can only contain method signatures and fields.

Java String |String Buffer| String Builder-We will be learning about Java String , Java String Buffer and Java String Builder. Difference and uses in Java program.

Exception Handling-We will be leaning different types of Exception used in Java,along with that we will be leaning Customised Exception Handling.

IO Package– We will be leaning java.io package classes. Java.io, provides a set of input streams & a set of output streams used to read and write data to files or other input.

MultiThreading-We will be learning Multi Threading. Multithreading allows concurrent execution of 2 or more parts of a program for maximum utilization of CPU.

Collection Framework-We will be learning different classes present in util package. We will be looking into 1D and 2D methods.

JVM Architecture-We will be explaining you the complete flow of a java program. Complete process of JVM from beginning of the class to the end.

Smart Code Tips– We will be updating SMART CODE TIPS everyday. If you have trouble with the coding you can refer to this section.

Java Interview Crack –We will be sharing you latest and old interview questions for Experienced and Freshers.