Software is a development process which converts the imaginaries into reality by writing comes set of programs.

In IT we develop two types of applications. They are stand alone applications and distributed applications. A stand alone application is one which runs in the context of local disk. All stand alone applications are not sharable. System software and application software comes under stand alone applications.

  • System software is used for developing functionality of hardware devices. Examples are C and ALP (Assembly Language Programming).
  • Application software is used for developing organizations oriented applications. This is also known as backend software’s. Examples are dbase, dbase III plus, FoxPro,oracle versions released till now.
  • Internet software is used for developing distributed applications.

A distributed application is one which can be accessed across the globe. Distributed applicationis also one which runs in the contest of the World Wide Web. To develop distributed applications we must use client-server architecture.

In client-server architecture we must hare at least two programs they are client program and server program. A client program is one which always makes a request to get the service from the server. A server program is one which will dothree operations receiving the request from client, processing the client request and sending the response to the client.

All the above three operations are performed by the server concurrently. In order to exchange the data between client and server we must use a protocol called http (hypertext transfer protocol). 

Protocol is a set of values which are defined to exchange the data between client an either locally or remotely.
In order to develop distributed applications names are Microsoft System and Sun Micro Systems.